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About Dallin and Karree Larsen

Dallin Larsen is the Founder of MonaVie, former Ernst & Young National Entrepreneur of the Year, and former CEO of the Year in the state of Utah.

 He has helped create billions in revenue in direct selling, providing jobs for people in Utah and opportunity for distributors around the world. 

And as one who has regularly defied the odds throughout her life, Karree became a commercial pilot at a time when the ratio of female to male pilots was 1 to 4,000. 

Together, Dallin and Karree have 11 children and 7 grandkids.

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So, what’s this New Company all about?

Hello, friends. For those of you who may not know who we are, we’re Dallin and Karree Larsen. We founded a company called MonaVie in 2005, and took it from zero to nearly a billion dollars in annual revenue in less than five years. I know of no other direct selling company that has ever experienced such a steep growth trajectory. 

During that process, many lives were blessed, including ours.
When we resigned from MonaVie, we shared a video message stating that we didn’t know for sure what our future was going to look like. Now, more than two years later, we have clarity, and today we’re grateful to share a portion of our vision with you.

After having helped build two very successful companies in direct selling, we’ve decided to spend the rest of our days in building a third and final company, and its genesis begins today with this message.

I can’t tell you how many people we’ve run into over the last several years that have said, “Gosh, I wish we would have gotten involved in the early days of MonaVie.” Well, for those of you reading this now, this is your chance to get involved at the early stages of our new venture! The prelaunch phase of a company provides a great period of time to begin laying your own successful foundation.

I’ve often been introduced as the Distributor’s CEO, perhaps because I began my career in this industry as a Distributor. As a result, I understand how hard it is to build and maintain an organization. So, as far as I’m concerned, a Distributor can never earn too much income. With this as a driving philosophy, we are going to reward and recognize distributors in a most exceptional manner; and, if I may be so bold as to say: better than ever before in Direct Selling!

In every decision we make, we will put the interest of our distributors first and foremost so that you will want this company to be your permanent home—as it will be for Karree and me.

Over the next several months, we’ll be working on the foundational pieces of the company. This means assembling a world-class corporate team, identifying a compelling story and product offering, finalizing the compensation structure, and beginning to identify some of our early field leaders. I will, of course, be looking to team up with leaders who are in transition and who have built large organizations in the past. They should have proven leadership skills, along with wisdom; people who have proven to be trustworthy; people who can be part of a team; people who can check their ego at the door; and people who love the people business and are looking for an opportunity to build something of significance.

If you’re at a place in your life where this message resonates with you, we want you to be a part of this new venture with us from the very beginning.
So, here’s what I’m asking of you today. If you have the background and desire, and see yourself as a potential leader in this, our final venture, complete the form above and you will receive an email from me with next steps.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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Nancie Anne is the President and Founder of GetSuccessByDesign Pro Marketing Group and has designed this Website for You to use to have First Mover's Advantage. She bring 30 years experience in Network Marketing and Direct Sales. 

She is a Corporate Consultant for Branding, Training and Launching new Companies but this time… She wanted to be in the Field building a global business together. Nancie Anne has traveled across Asia bulding a Global business. 

The largest organization Nancie Anne managed was the Leadership Team for 76,000 worldwide participants for a past company but also experienced the disappointment of ownership who did not protect his Company by making sure the Company was compliant, had reliable customer service and was properly registered for global expansion. 

Nancie Anne is willing to support Vasayo because of their Corporate Team, Products that Matter, Track Record of integrating Professional Customer Service, insuring they wll be registered properly as they expand Internationally and make sure that the company is not only compliant but is prepared for what is to come. 

She has joined and locked into her Pre-Launch Position and is starting this time by inviting key people who know what it means to build a great business the right way in our home base of the USA first with everything being done compliant to protect our new "Legacy" Business.

As Leaders, we all have Experienced the Amazing Power of what a Team working together can create monthly but we are now working with the Master Distributor and his wife who were actually $47,000 in Monavie and still earned over $17 million dollars in Monavie. We have direct support from the Dallin and the Corporate Team to create success.

#Vasayo will absolutely push ahead of anything that has happened in the Industry to date. Proven Products backed by studies that work… Huge Financial Backing… Cloud Based to put more in the Field’s Pocket… Also an Office for on the Ground... Collaboration and Customer Service.... A Massive Global Presence and of Course… the Ultimate CEO and Corporate Team. I cannot wait for you to meet them in person but for now... Watch the Videos and be impressed!

You can Opt In to #Pre-Launch your #VasayoTeam BEFORE the world knows and soon Access our #FreeTeamLeads and our AutoPilot #Lead_Generating_Marketing_System for to help create hundreds of #Vasayo_Sponsorships for You and Your Team. But First we need to Get Your Private Placement before the masses come in by having you fill out the Form on this website ot Text/call in your information. We also have a Pre-Registration Form in you want that instead.

Email us Now at Then Text us so we know it arrived and can take action.

For questions: Text/Call (567) 239-8614 for more information as it rolls out. Big things are coming during a time that could be the reason why maybe other things may not be working for you and you are ready for a new direction. 

#Dallin A Larsen is a an icon in the Direct Sales and Network Marketing Industries as he forged the path for the #Acai Berry to become a household word through the spectacular and glamorous roll-out of his Billion dollar company, Monavie. Now a #New Vasayo_Brand that is totally different will be born through #Dallin_Larsen's new company #Vasayo. 

#Dallin_Larsen's Leadership launch is happening now... Reach out to us so for information. We have Top Company_Position_Timing as we are working direct with the Master Distributor, the President and of course, #Dallin_Larsen. 

Those under a “Sales Performance Contract with another Network Marketing or Direct Selling Company will not be able to join until their contract is done to prevent any conflict of interest.

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The Right Team - The Right Company - The Right Time

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Vasayo Compensation Plan for Brand Partners

Vasayo is in the Beta Pre-launch stages so the Vasayo compensation plan is just starting to be disclosed. We will help people have an understanding what they need to start thinking about as they’re building out their teams in order to maximize the compensation plan. First and foremost most important thing we can have is customers. 

Everyone wants Customers and now we have Quality, Desireable yet Unique Prouducts... that are Affordable with Great Commissions! The lifeblood of this business will be the Customers that you’re constantly bringing into the company. Customers become brand loyal and then they start sharing the product not even realizing that they could be in a business. 

Vasayo Customers start sharing Vasayo products with people because of the great experiences they have. Vasayo customers will eventually become Vasayo brand partners with us which will eventually become leaders in the Vasayo business.

Vasayo Compensation plan is a two-thirds, one-third binary. 

Meaning two thirds of the volume will come out of one side and a third of the volume will come out of the other side. 

In the Vasayo binary 240 points on one side and 480 on the other side. 

All the volume from distributors and customers will add up to your Vasayo Compensation Plan Bonuses.

The Vasayo Binary will cycle Every Few Minutes and every time you have 240 on one side and 480 on the other leg you will get paid $25 Daily... Hourly and even in Minutes!

The Vasayo Compensation plan will Cycle up to 1000 times a week. 

So with just the Vasayo BINARY Compensation Plan YOU CAN MAKE UP TO $25,000 A WEEK. 

Not including the other 7 ways to make money in the Vasayo compensation plan going to look.

Check back often to get updates as they are disclosed on the Vasayo compensation plan.

We hope you get excited about the Vasayo compensation plan like we are.
Vasayo Compensation plan 8 Ways to make Money.